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Oh Boy Love It is made up of a few members we hope you can fall in love with, including Sprinkles 'n Ganache, MiniPetito, Stacheman and FunnyDamit.

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If you're a fan our Tee Shops are a must, find the gear here. Wear it to your fav events or just lazing around they make great gifts!

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Exciting things are coming out of our games sections, soon you'll be able to play games we hope you'll love on your favourite mobile devices. Having fun is a big part of Love here!

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Stacheman Meet the Man!

Once there was a man who always managed to grow an incredible stache every time. His staches were so incredible and great that when people looked at him all they noticed was his stache. His staches became so glorious that his other facial features could no longer be seen. He was soon known as STACHE […]

Sprinkles n Ganache

Meet Sprinkles ‘n Ganache

Sprinkles n Ganache are two best friends who run the Party ‘n Plan, the town’s local party shop. Browse their site to learn about partying, planning, cooking and saving the planet all while meeting some new friends. Cook with Ganache! Ganache loves whipping up great dishes in the kitchen, let him show you some useful […]